We are Home.

So it has been a few months but I finally feel a little more like home here in Logan. With W's first semester almost over, him working for Logan City, with me working for the University and the Four Seasons Spa. It seems more real. When moving up, I wasn't the most excited about it. I came across this song on youtube. and loved it. It really is amazing how when you are married where ever that person is you are home, I feel like we've finally made this place our home. Even though we have made many trips to Southern Utah (always a discussion on whether we say Hurricane or St. George, haha Southern Utah we both agree with) Life is good.. Together we are home :)


Married Woman Things

So, it has been forever, failed on the whole keeping the blog current. Needless to say I am a married women for about 5 1/2 months. So much has happened so rather than endless pictures and way too many stories to share I will just share a few of the funny things of being a married woman.
Here go's..
1. When signing your name you have to legitimately be thinking about it so yo don't sign the wrong one.
2.I am now listed as someones emergency contact at work. Life or death decisions in my hands, I think if I were to ever get called about something I would hang up and call my mom.
3. Family has now doubled, now have 7 different family reunions this past summer.
4. I have a mother in law, you always hear crazy stories about monsters in law, luckily my mother in-law is awesome. But just the word mother in law sounds so old, for that matter the word husband sounds so grown up.
5. I live with a guy. ha been married over five months but still so crazy when i think about it.
6. Its amazing because when ever my feet are cold at night I have a little heater next to me.
7. Dinner, every night, me cooking every night (well most nights) interesting.
8. Muscle weighs more than fat so the 15 lbs gained while on the pill is just muscle, right?
9. The question of when you getting married turned to when you having a baby over night.
10. New friends are harder to find cause you have to like the girl who's husband, your husband likes.
11. You are now someones Santa Clause, which when you think about it is a big deal.
12. Now instead of wishing you never had a period, your praying it comes every month :)

I have had a blast the last few months, I recommend marriage to everyone.. next post will be our new Logan adventure.


Future Mrs. Whit Lee Bundy

YAY!!!!!! It is official I am the future Mrs. Whit Lee Bundy! and I couldn't be more thrilled. March 17, 2012 will be day one for the rest of forever. I can't help but smile as I think about it.
So where it all began?
Well in 3rd grade. No lie. Whit grew up in St. George, I in hurricane but every year we always saw each other at the Dixie Jr. Livestock show. I always thought he was cute. He claims had a massive crush on me back in the day. Went on a date in high school, nothing major had been friends forever plus both of us brought friends to double. Then flash forward two years later. Sitting in my institute class and in walks Whit. First thought, oh my gosh has it really been two years. Second thought, wow. he grew up. and he's really cute. So couple weeks later we ending up sitting by each other, I was going on mission and semi dating someone. So every week when we would sit by each other he would ask how the guy was/mission prep, we were totally friends. Then class ended, wasn't going on mission nor dating anyone. So then on June 7th 2011 we went for a fourwheel ride and eat Rio watching the sunset, changed my life forever. Dated the rest of summer, knowing I would be leaving for school come fall, both unsure how it would work out. But thank heavens for skype and weekends off work!
So how did he ask?
Well over the summer semi as a joke if we were to ever work out, we craved our initials in a tree when out camping with the family. So December 1, 2011 we had decided to drive out to the grand canyon. All sly like he mention we should stop at our tree on our way. So stop at tree, walked up to a beautiful levi quilt his mom had made us, my favorite flowers, a note, and picnic basket. So the boy poured his heart out, and busted down on one knee. I squealed out a yes! I giggle just thinking of that moment.. We then spent the next few hours chillin by the fire at the cabin embracing that fact we were engaged! fiance is such a fun word when you finally have one! Then drove back, went and showed off ring to all the family and re watch the moment over and over again but worlds greatest uncle set up a camera so we have the whole thing recorded.
ps picture uploader thingymabob is being retarded.. pictures next time!


So Grateful.

Tis the season for the blog post to say everything you are grateful, am i right? Well past few weeks I have been pondering what it is that I am grateful for. I have come to a simple answer. I am so very grateful for where I am right now in life. I caught up with an old friend, Jaron a few weeks ago. Made me realize how amazing the path is that my heavenly father has made for me. As Rascal Flatts would say my northern stars in life. It is the experiences I have gone through, people I have met, trials that have come my way that has brought me to this time in my life. A time where I feel like I am just being poured out with blessings. I am loving school and so excited to start my career as a bodyworker. So utterly happy with Whit. My family is close as ever and is continually growing. I am healthy. I have the greatest Friends I could ask for. So cheers to all those guys I dated to get here, all the classes I took to figure out my school, to all the girls that gave me some character in high school, for the professors who inspired me, to the teacher who disappointed me, to the Friends that came and went, to the wards members who embraced me, to opportunity to go through mission call process, and the people that have been in life my to help me on my path to right now..


the good life..

My life consists of three things as of lately: School. Work. Skype.

SCHOOL: So I started at Utah College of Massage Therapy in August. I love it! I have never enjoyed going to school and lately I seem not to have enough. These are my three chickas I hang with. We have so much fun and have become very close. Makes sense though spending soo much time together in the same classroom.

WORK: The Chocolate. I worked here before while going to UVU and was able to get my job back when I came back to Orem. It is a old house they created into a bakery/desert cafe, pure bliss. I have a love hate relationship with this job. Loves- co workers, the smell, making people happy, perfect hours with school. Hates- my unability to say no to sweets. We are talking about the most amazing sugar cookies, turtle brownies, chocolate caramal cupcakes, ginger molasses cookies pumpkin cookies, spice hot chocolate, chocolate peanut butter cookies, fruit tarts-just to name a few favorites! You know you work at a yummy place when the trash smells like buttercream!! if in the orem area stop in, you won't regret it until you go to the gym! 212 south state street, orem.

SKPE: My 15 year old cousin said were skating aka skype dating. This cutie named whit, happens to live in St. George, super awesome that I just moved from there. but Skype has to be on of the most amazing things ever invented! Excited to see where things go..
Life is good. I am enjoying school. Couldn't ask for a better job. My favorite little people moved back from hawaii and spend my nights skyping with one amazing guy.. Loving the Journey!


Lovin' Summer

Seriously, as a child you love summer because it meant no school, well come to find out even if school is out forever, summer still rules over all other seasons!! Expect man doesn't it suck to be grown up that works everyday, I drove past some kids that had a lemonade stand on the corner. Which side note a cup was a dollar, man has this economy hit everyone or what? haha anyways back to my point of summer.. The past few weeks have been amazing!! Here are a few pictures. But for some highlights- I found some fello rock climbers have gone twice in past two weeks, I love love love it. Which next time I will document with pictures. Spent a Saturday in Lake Mead, which was perfect-a hot but not too hot day, cool water but not too cold, plus first wake board of the season, I have a goal of becoming legit at that sport but until then I will be happy with successfully being able to get up. Went fourwheeling out on the border of AZ and UT, drove up to this crazy look out point, watched the sunset eating Cafe Rio, three favorites, sunset, rio, and fourwheeling, heaven sent for sure. I went to Grease, it was cute, didn't love it, but still fun went to dinner at Pasta Factory with Whit then the show so it was a good night. Then went with buddy Ty Bishop to Texasroad House (another top favorite) then we saw Little Mermaid. Which was amazing!! I highly recommend it. The special effects were incredible. Oh and Nicole got married, crazy so grown but my favorite part was being seeing my girls, Britt, Sam, Mykey, and Nina have such a special place in my heart, love em all and wish we got together more.Then last weekend me and cameron made the trip up to Manti Pagent, which I had never been so it was cool. But favorite part of the trip was doing my first live session at the Manti Temple, I LOVE IT!!!! All those endowed have to go to Manti it was so beautiful inside. All growing up St. George Temple was favorite hand down, which I still love but I think the Manti is taking the top spot. I am loving the sun, the entertainment, yummy food, and all in all can summer last forever??


Season of Love

I love this time of year! While growing up I never realized just how many weddings there was March, April, May, and June. It is totally different when you are watching close friends find their prince charming and start their forever together. Although I don't have pictures for all of them I would like to give some shout outs to some.. Kenzie Curtis, one of the sweetest girls you can meet, a true friend to everyone! I have many memories from back in beehives talking about our future man and being sealed in the temple. I was so excited to watch her and Bryan from the first date til marriage. To Susanna Bramall, the little sister that I never had! She makes me laugh every time we are together and the much waited arrival of Forrest was well worth it and wish her the best. To my girl Sam Evans, I don't think anyone could ask for a better freshman roommate! She is the most positive, out going, bubbly person ever. To Drew Jolley, can't help but laugh of how we meet that first day of freshman year at UVU, thanks for taking me under your wing and being a pal since then! Lori and Dan, a couple I met through my singles ward, an amazing spirit about them both. Allie Hinton & Chase Ellerman, Courtney Lunt & Goose, all of which I knew all through High school but friendship didn't grow until in the same ward. Some amazing people so grateful I got to know and was able to serve with in the ward. Nicole Woodbury, I have memories as far as memories go with this girl, so excited she's found her man to spend forever with... Congrats, Hope for the Best, and Good Luck to all the Newly Mr. and Mrs. out there :)


Mashed Potatoes-Apple Sauce-Jello

You may be wondering what in the world does mashed potatoes, apple sauce, and Jello have in common. Well folks let me tell you- all food products in which you don't really have to chew before swallowing and all I have had to eat in the past week.. Some of you may know I snore, I can snore with the best of them! By far my biggest insecurities stemming back to middle school sleepovers. Well so excited to say I no longer snore!!! Come to find out I have a ridiculously narrow throat, so I got my tonsils removed and my soft palette fixed last week. I am amazed at how much more room I have to breath. I love it. My throat/airway feels like it has at least double in size! Easy breezy Charlee from now on. And all of you out there eating whatever and not being sensitive to stitches or a cut up throat, be oh so grateful!! Can't wait for the day to enjoy the simplest peanut butter and jam sandwich..



Oh Valentines days, so many memories. Pretty sure I’ve had someone special every year since I was in 6th grade, either Adam Timo’s teddy bear, Chocolates/love notes from Jase Langston, dates with Jaron Ewell in High School, Roses from Elder Tyler Barney, making a candle light dinner with J.D. Well folks this year it is a toss up, plan is getting off work at five, heading to my Ab’s class which kicks my butt, dinner whatever my mom cooked that is if her and my dad didn’t go out to eat which in that case, I'll grab something fast and easy. A bubble bath, some peanut butter ice cream, and can’t decide who to end my night with.. Noah from the notebook, Graham from the holiday, Maverick from top gun, or Mr. Darcy..

My heart is locked on the mission. So this year I love learning patience as I want for 65 more days before I can bounce out and do nothing but the Lord's work for about 540 days, give or take.
Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!


Where I Come From....

So I have this love hate relationship with Hurricane. But things I love about where I come from, it is January and in the same week I can go hiking in short sleeves which felt amazing! Then the next day, snow boarding. Best of both worlds, right? I also love that only growing up where and how I did would makes it totally and completely normal to spend a Friday night at the arena roping. Straight up I'm small town, Southern Utah Girl. Proud of it.